Job Costing is the process of determining the labor and materials cost for each job in a systematic way, and then using this information to create a quote for the customer. Job costing  can be used in virtually any service industry  to ensure that the product pricing covers actual costs, overhead and provides a profit. The purpose of any business is to make money, and job costing is the most effective way to ensure that occures. In a job costing system, costs may be accumulated either by job or by batch. For a typical job, direct material, labor, subcontract costs, equipment, and other direct costs are tracked at their actual values.

Following are some  of Service Industries which are  can  be implemented the RunMax Job costing

Fire Fighting and Fire Alarms Projects
Telecommunication and CCTV  Projects
Elevation and Lift installation and commissioning projects
Software implementation and Networks Installation project
Civil and Construction Projects
Electrical and Mechanical Projects
Any Type Long terms maintenance Projects
Research and  Development